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Thread: Community Mixer!

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    Community Mixer!

    Hey everyone! First sorry if this isn't the place, but I am putting together a community mixer. The goal for this is to not only improve community relations with other sites, but hopefully get some new members joining here at the site!

    The Mixer will be sorta a throw back on, you guessed it! Halo! We will be doing Halo: The Master Chief collection and we will be playing a bunch of customs.

    System: : Xbox One
    Game: : Halo : MCC
    community we will go against : Give some idea's, I was thinking either galaxy warfare, HaloTracker, or if you got one let us know!
    Time : Please post a time zone and times you are available.

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    i would do a mixer after 6 pm till 8 or 9 pm incase members have school or work etc.... i will look up some communties and ask around for whom wants to do a fun mixer.... Even if we find a clan or 2 at waypoint that would be cool.....

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    Some recommendations:
    Galaxy Warfare (members and maybe staff)
    Master theory

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