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Thread: Xbox One Disk Reader

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    Xbox One Disk Reader

    Hey fam, so lately my XB1 has been weird about disks. When I simply put one in it, it will make this sound like some platic gear is grinding on another piece of plastic, but whenever I hold the disk with my finger as I put it in the Xbox and delay the disk from actually entering the console, it's fine. Should I contact Microsoft about this, seeing as my Xbox is a Day One? And is it work not having an xbox for awhile cuz I really want to play Halo lol..

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    I would start with a trip to the Xbox One Forums to see if others have had the same issue. Sadly you may have no other choice then to send it in,maybe ask for a replacement be mailed to you 1st,lol

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    Send it in now, before it is out of warranty.

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