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Thread: I'm NAZgul Anass

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    I'm NAZgul Anass

    Hi! I'm NAZgul Anass and I'm from Italy. Halo it's my one and only favourite game since I was 11 years old, we still making Halo partys at home with some crazy LAN's. I love to make montages because they can express my game style <3...I have edited some montages from gamer's around the world, I sent some clips and montages at the SINGLE HALO CLIPS and airguitar901 channel's, for a year I'm was busy with my things so i stopped, but now I'm back and I want to produce more for the community of Halo or whatever the community wants to watch. How i said I'm an old gamer of Halo on xbox and I never played on computer before and for me it was difficult to play with the mouse but at the end I decided to use the controller and I still get some crazy stuffs. Also I'm a Breakdancer, a rapper/singer, videomaker and entertainmenter...but Halo is Halo... FOR LIFE <3.
    Give me some love subscribing to my YouTube channel if you enjoy <3
    Sorry for my english !! Much love from Italy!! Peace and have fun <3

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    Hey NAZgul Anass! Welcome to HC! Montages look great! Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks a lot !! I have created my first facebook page, you'll find my future posts and stuff about halo and more, I will organize some contest and community montages so support me with a big like for more

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    HI!! Can some one here that is a pro on photoshop? I need a banner for my youtube channel. I Promise that the guy who can make me one will be In My Next Video Shown On The Screen

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