Medal Madness: Available until 3/17

Today’s Matchmaking update features our newest game type, Medal Madness! This 4 vs. 4 game type brings an entirely new experience to Halo 4 War Games, in which players score points by racking up certain medals throughout the game. Each “mini-round” lasts one minute, and whichever team gets more of the specified medal during the mini-round will get one point. First team to seven points wins!

Here are the different medals that are available in each of the randomly generated mini-rounds:

■Double Kill
■Hail Mary
■Spartan Laser
■Rail Gun
■Binary Rifle Kill
■Sword / Hammer Kill
■Rocket / Fuel Rod Kills

If you think you've got what it takes to slay with style, hop into the playlist to join the madness! The playlist will be available until March 17th.

Rumble Swords: Last week, we asked which throwback Rumble Pit game type you wanted to see in Matchmaking, and your votes have been tallied. Securing nearly half of the community votes, Rumble Swords was selected by you for inclusion into the Rumble Pit playlist, and the game type is now available in Matchmaking! If you’ve got the urge to do a bit of slicing and dicing or want to rack up some kills for your Energy Sword weapon commendation, hop into the playlist and do some damage.