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Thread: Bungie reveals ....

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    Bungie reveals ....

    It looks pretty good to me and I've already ordered the digital download. Light level 50, although they say 40. Curious since they've had a change in the matrix. The new stuff for the classes looks nasty .... I like it. Have a look!!

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    40 is MAX lvl. not sure where you heard 50.
    This is going to be a complete re-work of the Title and I am very happy to see this.
    Its gonna be epic,lol
    Only 8 days,11 hours........

    bungie is giving us a sneak peek of some of the new maps for PVP starting Tuesday which is also the day they drop a very large update(18 GB on the Xbox One/PS4,smaller on the 360/PS3 but still pretty big) so make sure you gots plenty of room.

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    Hmmppp.. Bungie has a ways to go in redeeming my faith in them, however I'll be looking into the changes that are made.

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    This is what I'm talking about Footy. Maybe I mis-stated it.

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    not sure what that video is talking about but Max LEVEL is 40......The real question should be what is the max LIGHT level?
    I have seen as high as 306 light so I'm not sure where it ends but I'm betting on 320 or higher but this is just a guess.

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    skip ahead to 1:09 and you'll see. Yeah, I'm curious about that myself though Footy.

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    Highest right now is 310 seeing as thats the highest stat available.

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    Just raised to 330 for the new hard mode on the Kings Raid
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    Yeah, I saw that 310 is the recommended light level but ..... they keep giving you below level stuff like %95 of the time. Damn grind sucks man. Worse than ever.

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