Hello my name is Stelian but you know me as Dexi21. I am a hotel receptionist . Work in France . I start streaming in March 2015 and i play a loat a diferend games. So what does that mean? I dont like a particular type of game i play what i like from RPG-Sports-Shooter and my favorit Survival.
Early acces is one of my tipe of games i play from:
- DayZ
- Prison Architect ( FIrst game i start with)
-Space Engineers
-ARK Survival Evolved
-7 Days to Die ( My favorite)
-Stranded Deep
And may more i like also Fallout 3 and New Vegas( I stream this today) FIFA , CS:GO Papers, Please GTA, Assassins Creed and a loat of games list will be to huge.

twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/dexi21/profile