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Thread: Blarby's Stories, But he needs your help!

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    Blarby's Stories, But he needs your help!

    Anyway lol Yeah I am planning on writing a series of short stories based upon us here at HComm and CG. Its about the Formation of my team Rollers of Ruin and our battles with multiple powerful foes. However everyone is going to be in it too not just the 6 of us. Some characters will be super soldiers others wizards, demons, magic swordsmen or women. And a few Like my character will be able to transform into something either a giant wolf or fox idk yet. Raptor will be able to turn into a Velociraptor and so forth. I however require help from you guys for villians. Im looking for a people who we've had problems with in the past. I know this is distastful but I dont just wanna make up villains, I can if i have too but not if I can get some input. I can think of a couple at the top of my head but Id like to hear what you guys have to add. The List right now:

    - Karma (people who used to be at CG with me know whom I speak of)
    - a character based off of Sundown in some way.
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