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Thread: Halo 5 Beta first impressions

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    Halo 5 Beta first impressions

    The beta is officially live!!

    share your thoughts/complaints/compliments here!

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    1st game:

    the pace is very quick which I love

    played on Midship remake, really like the flow of the map

    the aiming sights are going to take some getting used to...

    overall I like it

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    Played Empire, it plays nice, very close combat

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    The ranking system is interesting. I like the arena style ranking system

    Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx, Semi-pro, Pro

    ranking up is pretty tough. After I played my 10 games to get ranked, I was Gold level 2.

    i lost one game and went down to Silver level 2.

    I won three more games and only went up a little way through silver 2 lmao.

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    When I played the pre-release beta, I really liked the new features, like the ADS. Honestly it's not even ADS, it's just a graphical redo of our beloved zoom. We still get de-scoped or de-ADS lol. The only thing I'm not really grasping is the hover in midair when you zoom while jumping, and the ground pound.

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    ima boss at it but it would be nice to have more than 2 maps hint hint lol. I get stuck on walls sometimes instead of making a wall jump or double jump. Theres a few glitches but love the fast game play!!

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    Here's the beta schedule courtesy of

    Week 1: Slayer (AR Starts):

    Slayer: The first week of the Halo 5: Guardians Beta will feature the same content from the early-access period. Slayer with Assault Rifle starts will be played on Truth, the reimagining of Midship, as well as Empire, a new symmetrical map featuring the Sniper Rifle.

    Week 2: Slayer (BR Starts) and Breakout (SMG Starts):

    Slayer: As players begin week two of the Beta, they will now get to play Slayer on two remix maps, Regret and Eden. Both of these maps feature similar themes from the previous maps (Truth and Empire) but have new geometry, weapons and strategies. Josh Holmes announced that players will be able to vote on one of two weapons that will appear as a Power Weapon on Regret.

    Breakout: Breakout is Halo 5’s new round-based Slayer gametype. Each player has one life each round and the first team to eliminate all enemy players wins the round. The first team to take five rounds wins the match. This gametype features SMG starts with ‘heightened lethality’, meaning all kill times are slightly faster than standard modes. Two maps will be featured in this playlist: Crossfire and Trench, both designed from the ground up for the Breakout gametype.

    Week 3: Strongholds (New Objective Mode):

    Strongholds: Week 3 features a new objective gamemode that 343 has not yet talked about. Strongholds appears to feature some form of territory based gametype, however we are currently unsure exactly how this gamemode will play. In addition, 343 has announced that players will be able to vote to decide what maps are played during the Week 3 portion of the beta.

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    New Medals:

    the new medals I've noticed in Halo 5 so far are...

    Last Shot (kill someone with the last shot of your weapon)
    Hard to Kill (escape with your sheild popped multiple times)
    Top Gun (first to 10 kills on your team)
    Hat Trick (three head shot kills in a row)
    Brawler (beat down?)
    Game Saver (kill an opponent when the score is 49 - 49)

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    I've never had so many of my own grenades get shot and blown up in my face.

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    I really started noticing that today also Timmy :/

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