A forum signature can be used to differentiate your account from others, and be a pretty cool touch to your profile.

Here is a quick guide to how to add a signature to your account:

You cannot upload a picture to HaloCommunity. To add a signature go to Forum Actions > Edit profile

or click this link http://forum.halocommunity.com/profi...do=editprofile

In the left navigation module there is a link for edit signature.

If you already have a signature in place, and it is working, your signature will show up in the preview window.

In the "edit signature" box to add or change your signature use the following BB code:

[img ] the link to your signature here. must end in .png .jpg .gif [/img ]

above is properly formatted IMG code. You must remove the spaces in the [img ] to work.

inbetween the img tags, you will put a URL to your image. You can upload your image to photobucket, imageshack or many other image hosting sites. Take the URL after you upload it and put it between the IMG tags, and your signature will work.

As of now, when you add a signature any posts that you make before your signature is added will not show your signature. If you properly add your signature, every post you make after should show it.