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Thread: New member introduction

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    New member introduction

    Whether you are a new or a returning member, introduce yourself here.

    I'm SLiK, I enjoy long walks on the beach, snapshots and comeback kill medals.

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    May 2014
    Mooseville Ontario Canada
    Im Bomber!!! I like long walks on the beach with Slik, Holding the camera and I boost comeback medals lmao!

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    I'm Raptor. I like kittens and cuddling.

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    I'm Timmy. I like turtles.... and Halo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HC SLIK View Post
    Hey Timmy!
    Hey hey!

    Hey to everybody else!

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    I'm Foxxy. I like cake.

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    Hey Foxxy, welcome to HaloCommunity!

    I like cake also!

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    Cool. So, this place is for Halo only?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxxy View Post
    Cool. So, this place is for Halo only?

    Halo focused, but people play other games and we have forums for that also. If they come out with a H2 anniversary however, I may never play another game again.

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