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Thread: Vinny's VFX

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    Vinny's VFX

    Just got a hold of Sony Vegas Pro. Been messing with it for a few hours and came up with my first intro. Tell me what you guys think!

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    Very nice job Vinny.
    Thats a great start to what I'm sure are going to be awesome video's
    I don't have much time with Vegas Pro,I'm a Photoshop guy but it looks like you got a good start,lol

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    Great job Vinny! I used Vegas pro for all the Halo video I used to do for the site. It's a pretty powerful program

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    Thanks guys! I just finished my first snipetage!

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    nice )))))))

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    Very Nice,keep pushing to make the best you can,you're doing AWESOME!

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    Thanks man! I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm making it look good.

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    great first video vin!!!

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