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Thread: In your opinion which Halo title is the best of all

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    In your opinion which Halo title is the best of all

    With the impending release of the Master Chief Collection, you will be able to seamlessly play all four Halo titles online in matchmaking. This will give Microsoft an opportunity to see which Halo game most people prefer by monitoring which playlist most people like to play.

    If you were unaware, the MCC will have playlists like Halo 2 Slayer, Halo 3 Slayer, and Swat which will likely rotate throughout all games.

    This begs the question: "In your opinion which was the BEST Halo game ever made?"

    Let us know in the poll!

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    Halo 3. Was a fan of the physics system more cuz all the times that someone would get splattered by a cone. Also cuz the armor was cooler and the colors were more vibrant. I was also a fan of True Skill.

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    As far as MM goes I'd say H3 but frankly my time with H2 online was only on PC and I didn't have a lot of quality time on H2 as I did H3.

    Regarding Campaign, I'd probably give it a close run between H1 and Halo ODST. I liked seeing the different perspective from the ODST POV. If I have to choose between the 4 I'll choose CE without question, nothing beats the original.

    Regarding the extracurriculars, firefight, it's gonna be close between Reach and ODST. In an ideal world that would have been done on dedicated and not have the ridonculous lag but I still enjoyed it on both titles.

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    As far as playability goes, Halo 2 was, is, and always will be the best.

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    well since I ve only played halo and beyond, I have to go with halo 3!!!

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    My favorite is Halo 3, but CE and 2 aren't far behind

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