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Thread: Need suggestions for headsets for Xbox One

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    Need suggestions for headsets for Xbox One

    Going to be getting a new headset for the Xbox One and I need some suggestions! What do you use and like/dislike in terms of a gaming set?

    I have a set of Turtle Beach X71 now, and I have had them for some time. I really don't like the level of interference that I get sometimes.

    Here are a set of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x that are releasing next month. I like that they connect to the Xbox One without the need for the adapter, but it will be impossible to try the sound performance until they are released in late October. These are priced at $229.00

    The product description is as follows:

    No controller adapters, no cables, just completely wireless DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound that puts you in the center of the action. Designed for Xbox One, the powerful Ear Force® Stealth 500X delivers incredible interference-free wireless audio and chat through a comfortable, functional headset design. The Stealth 500X also includes a mobile cable for mobile gaming or for connecting a phone to get text or call notifications while gaming.

    Timmy also let me know that there are a wireless edition of the Astro gaming headset which historically have been extremely popular with professional gamers on the MLG circuit. These are priced slightly higher at $299

    The product description is as follows:

    All ASTRO Gaming console headsets (A30+MixAmp™ Pro, A40+MixAmp™ Pro, A50) deliver Dolby® Digital 7.1 game audio, but require the use of the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter to enable online voice chat. To ensure you receive the best Xbox One audio experience, please make sure you have the latest firmware updates installed for both the Xbox One Console and Controller, as well as your ASTRO Gaming hardware.

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    I believe I'll be getting the ones you put up. Since they're going to be made specifically for the XBone there hopefully won't be the interference you were having difficulties with.

    I've never owned a set of Astros but they're supposed to be top notch as well. They may be more expensive because of their backwards compatibility but I certainly look at that as a pro.

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    I'm just gonna be using my Turtle Beach X42 until it either dies or becomes outdated lol. I don't have any problem with it with the adapter that MS made for 360 mics.

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    I have Astros and while they are not the model shown and I use the adapter I think they are the BEST out there. I know everyone wants wireless but I went with wired because of interference issues,most people have a ton of wireless stuff and the vast majority run on the same frequency which can cause issues.
    The adapter Microsoft made is excellent and until my Astro's don't work any longer I'll be doing the same thing Raptor is doing,rolling with what I KNOW works GREAT!

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    I went with the A50's. Backward compatibility FTW. I'll let you know how they work Slikster.

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    The A50s rock

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    From a competitive aspect, 2014 A50s with the works (Mix amp and stuff) is the best. From a casual aspect, Turtle Beach is the way to go.

    If you need controller recommendations i can help you.

    I know those are the A40s but the only real difference is the Wireless. I have both A40s and A50s and can hardly tell the difference.

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    A40's feel like pillows on your ears. most comfortable headset ever. Not to mention, the sound quality cannot be beat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinnysin View Post
    A40's feel like pillows on your ears. most comfortable headset ever. Not to mention, the sound quality cannot be beat.
    Agreed Vinny that's why I like the 50's.

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