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Thread: Vin's Sigs

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    Vin's Sigs

    So it's been quite awhile since I've been part of HC so I'll post some of my older work and transition to the new stuff for you guys ^.~

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    Here are the newer ones.

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    This is my favorite

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    Yeah she had me make that one recently. I think that's actually the newest one there. She liked the old one so much that she decided to stick with the same general design but since it had to be smaller, I changed it up a bit and added more vivid color.

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    Dang I loved that sig!! Think I'll use it again

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    Hell yeah! Looks great, Bad!

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    I have a concept for a new one Vinny. Shout at me in the CB sometime or online and I'll talk it over with you, see what you think.

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    message me and we'll get it done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinnysin View Post
    message me and we'll get it done.
    Yuppers, I'll be on today. Game night for sure.

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    Flawless Cowboy
    Nice work as ever

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