The Halo modding community is a small but creative group.
There is another company called Bethesda Game Studios. This company is very popular, but what keeps their games popular and played for years is modding. BGS has a very big modding community. The reason this community is so big, and they make so much is because BGS gives them the development and modding tools, this is called the creation kit.
I think the next step in player freedom is in if 343i releases a modding kit for Halo on the PC. Doing this would give tools to go in and be able to modify the whole game, to make who new landscapes, vehicles, armor, story campaigns. Unlike Forge, where it is using some assets of the game, the modding tool would be able to have whole new assets.
Just like Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition they could allow mods on the consoles.
This would make the PC Halo community grow exponentially, and would make the console Halo console side very happy and it would grow as well, by a lot I bet.
Doing this would usher in a whole new golden age in the Halo community. Replayability would be almost endless. The custom games we know and love would be 100 times crazier, their could be whole new campaigns and stories, new weapons, armors, and so on
With what is happening with Installation 01, they could probably do it easier, and more projects like it could be happening.
This is something I think would be great, what do you think about it?