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Thread: Halo 3 Moments

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    Um yeah, look on my H3 fileshare and if you can pull the film titled fml and put it up here. It's lmao moment.

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    One day in the middle of the summer, I was randomly invited to a game, I didn't know the person who invited me, and I didn't know the people in the game. I was invited to a Campaign game on the last level, on legendary, and we just started the game, I had no context, I had no idea what was happening, the host kept on saying get in the, get in the ghosts, so I got in the ghosts, when we finished I got the achievement, that I haf no idea about. I forgot the name of the achiement, but it was one of the achiements that you needed to get Recon back than. That was my favorite moment. I was confused, a little scared, and excited when it was happening.
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