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Thread: AMP Storm, Friendly Canadian Halo player

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    AMP Storm, Friendly Canadian Halo player

    Hey you. My Gamertag is AMP Storm ([ZTG Storm] and [MM Stormm] are my alternate accounts) Friendly Halo player from Manitoba Canada. Im a 23 year old christian and my passion is playing Halo 5 ranked arena. Preferably team arena (when i can get a full squad of real players) or slayer / FFA. I play to 1) win 2) have fun and 3) improve and grow as a player. In no real order. Im vary easy going and dont put people down. Life is too short for that useless toxicity. My arena ranks have been vary consistantly hovering between diamond 1 and onyx 1599 (As of September 2016). Feel free to message me on or on XBL at [AMP Storm]. Feel free to send me a follow and I will follow you back of you 1) message me saying that you found me from and 2) have a working mic. See you on the virtual battlefield spartan! Thanks for having me here Halo Community!

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    welcome to hc fellow canadian woohoo!!! id be happy to roll with ya anytime!!

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    Oh nooooo!! Another moose people .... . Glad you're here!!

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    Well man welcome these forums, we are happy to happy to have you here.

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