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Thread: The Oryx raid after the update

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    The Oryx raid after the update

    It's not really that hard, all experienced raiders should understand that there are any number of ways to make this happen with absolutely no issues. There is simply some adjusting to do.

    Firstly, let's just accept the fact that Bungie likes to throw us for a loop from time to time. Not that big a deal. The raids are scripted, so, what is the answer?

    Here is how each character needs to be equipped.

    Hunters: Use Celestial Nighthawk and spike grenade. I'm not sure at what level you simply melt the ogre but I do know that a 335 hunter with Celestial Nighthawk simply makes them go away. For your weaponry I would suggest a decent, what is called mid-high range sniper. Longbow, LDR etc, by the way, you're liable to have to shoot the knights twice since the update .... smh, for special, scout rifle OR high magazine capacity auto rifle, Souleater's Claw, Doctrine of Passing, Arminius D, for primary, and an exotic sword for your heavy. The sword is crucial as it will allow you to take a hit from the shade but won't kill you PLUS it has a higher ammo capacity. My clan members absolutely love me for coming up with that idea. Believe me, it works.
    Plates: Warlocks/Titans: Heavy MUST be a Sleeper Simulant. You absolutely must help the folks in the middle with the ogres now as the added effects with the ToM have been taken away. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, please read this.

    You need at least one titan with a weapons bubble. I'd suggest using the Glasshouse to prolong the effects on top of bastion. You need swords for shade so you should be similarly armed to the plate folks. Good snipers, large magazine capacity autorifles, sword for the shade.
    By the way, it would be fantastic if there's a self res warlock literally anywhere in the mix.

    You absolutely need a ToM in your back pocket as damage must be done CONSTANTLY to Oryx so he doesn't regain his health. This is your sole responsibility while the orbs are being detonated. Just remember to equip it immediately after your 3rd shade. I wouldn't use it until then.

    Overall tips:
    Check your armor stats out. Make sure you're getting the best bang for the buck with ammo capacities with your sniper especially.

    The ammo drops were way off when I was playing the other day so make sure you have all 3 types of synths in your inventory.

    Communicate at ALL times. Plate one on, plate two on, plate three on. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the plates get out of order.

    Well, that's all I've got. Carry on and best of luck to you.

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