Here is my Star War fan fiction. I wrote it in 5 minutes and I wrote it just to get back into the groove of writing. I want to be a novelist. So critique, be critical, and nit pick, and give me feedback
Don't hold back, tell me how bad it is and why it's bad. Thanks.

The Confrontation

Delrune ran into the forest with his lightsaber ignited, he ran with a hurry. When he reached the cave a dark jedi blocked his path. Delrune said “Please move, or I will be…. As he was speaking the dark jedi launched at him with fiery attacks. Delrune broke into a soresu defense stance. Djem so flurries were thrown at Delrune, and they were all deflected. Delrune went into a more offensive stance with makashi. Every strike the dark one sent was met with a makashi counter. With what has started with a passionate series of blows by the dark jedi became a waiting game controlled by Delrune. Delrune, with the use of Makashi had control of the fight, whether it would end, or how long it would go on, it was up to him. The dark jedi jumped back and then relaunched with a blurried set of ataru style blows. Delrune, again, deflected the blows with ease. The dark one than twisted for one last attack, Delrune decided to finish the confrontation with one thrust, and so he did which ended the fight. As the dark jedi crumbled both physically and with his pride, Delrune held him and guided him to the ground. Delrune said, “Now is your chance to go into the force peacefully and not in turmoil, so turn from the dark and into the light. The dark jedi said nothing, but he closed and opened his eyes with tears, and with the tears the eyes changed from a reddish bright yellow to bright green eyes. Than he smiled and passed into the force.