Hi, I'd just like to inform you all that I'm in need of some ass kicking companions who are willing to help me out with getting my spartan company up and running, the company is called Multi Unit Tactical Team (or M.U.T.T for short), no requirements concerning skill or level, just be active, have a laugh and help me out with some things like playing through Halo 5's campaign on legendary, matchmaking and even some custom games/forge for a bit of fun, also if you have Halo MCC and want to play through that with me too that'd be great any members of the community are able to join as long as you're a team player and you can stay active in the company, send a friend request to my GT Tazmun if you want to be a part of starting a new spartan company, original 4 members will have honorary titles given to them upon joining it'll be like second in command, or captain or whatever, I'll let you decide as long as it sounds badass. Hope to hear from some of you soon! Good gaming to you all!