SO every wednesday night Halo Community will be holding BTB Team Nights. Times will be open as well as all lobbies. Id like to aim for game nights to start at 7 PM EASTERN TIME but ofcourse that will flucuate to whos on. All members can add my gamertag BIGDADDY B0MBER ( thats with a zero in b0mber ) as i will be running most of the lobbies.

This is our second major weekly event that we will be running and ofcourse it counts for leader board game nights. We encourage all to come out and have alot of fun with us. All we ask is that everyones respectable towards eachother and not judging on how good or bad one or all players do. We defiently all have fun and carve on eachother alot but just dont take it too far.

So the Hc Admins look forward to seeing you all there and cant wait to have some serious fun with yas.

Thanks Bomber