Come one, come all! All are invited to an official HC Gamenight!

Saturday, 7/9/2016 (( Yes, that's TOMORROW! ))

I'm hosting an awesome Throwback HaloCommunity CUSTOM GAME NIGHT! Load up your Backwards Compatible copies of Halo: Reach in your xbox one consoles, or dust off the old 360 and pop in the disc! Join us for an epic night of laughs, fails, and otherwise stupid fun with Action Sack inspired custom games such as: "Jump Rope", "Cat And Mouse", "HaloBall", "Hockey", "Jenga!", and Many more!

I'll be hosting a lobby beginning at 8PM Eastern. Please sign up by replying to this thread and/or sending me a friend request on XBL (to: "Master Sundown").

Hope to see you all there!!!

P.S. If you're going to be late, I'll likely be playing for quite a while that night so everyone is welcome to join us!!!