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Thread: Battlefield 1 Gameplay vids from Gamespot

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    Battlefield 1 Gameplay vids from Gamespot

    Multiple videos showing different elements of the upcoming Battlefield title, looks pretty exiting.

    Here is 15 minutes of conquest gameplay from Game Informer.

    Coincidentally, still these 100 years later the country of France still heavily feels the effects of the first great war. There is a large strip of land known as "Zone Rouge", which is a large swath of land in the country contaminated with arsenic, unexploded munitions, and more rusted weapons from fallen soldiers than it seems the mind can percieve. Zone Rouge, which originally covered more than 400 square miles, is also what amounts to a mass grave filled with the remains of the soldiers who dropped those weapons. Among the untold numbers of bombs, soldiers, and weapons in this dead zone are also complete villages left behind due to the toxic remnants of war. Left uninhabitable, these are reminders of the cost of war. I for one am glad this was an experience I'll only see through pixels on my screen.
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