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Thread: Looking for a clan to join

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    Looking for a clan to join

    I am 14 and want to join a clan where i can meet new people and can get better at halo 5 you can message me on xbox at Pickalink

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    we have events for you to join around here also... Check out our events thread for warzone wednesdays and also a looking for a partner thread.... put your gamertag in there also...

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    Hi I'm Shadow Fox I am a clan Deputy Premier I'm like the assistant leader for my clan go to Halo Waypoint login with your Xbox username find Onyx shield in the search bar you'll find our Clan Emblem on that page is a shield with flames and swords I do believe if you are having any troubles please message me on Xbox One because we are now recruiting pretty much in every field we need very new people we need very experienced people so you're perfect

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    Recruitment for Onyx Shield Halo 5

    We are as of right now we are recruiting for Onyx Shield we are looking for experienced players or brand new players or if you have a small Clan that you rather be part of a bigger Community will be more than welcome to join or any questions or any new house to try to join message me on Xbox One my name is shadowfox 6112

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