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Thread: Recruiting For legion of Boom Boom!!!!

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    Recruiting For legion of Boom Boom!!!!

    Hello Ya'll,

    I am recruting for Legion of Boom Boom, which is a halo 5 spartan company. We are a semi-competitive company, that teaches our memebers map callouts, weapon spawns, strategies and tactics. We believe that is essential to have teamwork and communication in halo 5. Our goal is to help our company memebers become better halo players, complete all level commendations and eventually obtain the achilles armor.

    We are looking for ACTIVE players, understanding the concept of teamwork and why it is so important in this game. Who would willing to help other players as well and having fun at the same time.

    If you have similar interests in what I have just posted please check You can also message me on here or on waypoint or xbox. My gamertag is Queenlingling.

    Have a great day!

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    im part of this clan and there fun to play with... Any competitive players, this would be your clan...awesome

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    thank you Bomber !!!

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