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Thread: Editing Your Avatar

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    Editing Your Avatar

    There are 2 ways to get to the edit button for your profile avatar:

    1. On the main forum page you will see at the top of your page a tool bar.
    Click on FORUM ACTIONS scroll down to GENERAL SETTINGS.
    Once on the general settings screen, scroll over to the left hand side of the screen and you will see another menu there of edits you can do.
    In the middle of that menu, you will see EDIT AVATAR. Click on edit.

    2. Go to MY PROFILE at top of forum page
    You need to next look for a crayon that you could find either by your avatar box or over your friends list.
    Once you find the crayon, click and go to edit.
    Once again this will give you a EDIT MENU and you will see EDIT AVATAR in the middle of the list.

    If you still need help, just message!

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    so simple even a moose could do it ....

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    I've done it a lot already lol I figured it out as soon as I got here I don't mean to brag

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